Wedding Receptions

From regal weddings to civil ceremonies, interfaith blessings to pagan hand fastings, the sheer volume and variety of marital celebrations Mojo Filter has performed at have all served to enrich and broaden his repertoire: the stockpile and experience necessary to deliver unique, bespoke wedding sets.

Mojo Filter is a new breed of wedding DJ who, while not shy about playing the ‘classics’, can spin his very own brand of edits and remixes into a heady tapestry with popular favourites, creating a unique wedding dance that no one has danced before. This is the alchemy of his artform: to be present and receptive enough to read the room, selecting the perfect track to suit the perfect moment.

Whether playing loungey background music through dinner, the soundtrack to the first dance, or lifting guests from their food comas into a collective, singalong euphoria, Mojo Filter can tailor his DJ service to suit the unique requirements of each wedding, working closely with the bride and groom, wedding planner and suppliers to ensure the big day goes off without a hitch.

“I love weddings. They are a culmination of many joys and hardships, and to be asked to perform for a couple on their special day is the highest honour I could receive as an artist. I very much wholeheartedly embrace the opportunity to bond generations of family and friends through the age old past time of collective dance. The more weddings I play at and the more experience I gain in life, the more enriched and engaging my performances become.”

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