Escape Aid LP

As its title and artwork suggest, Mojo Filter’s debut LP Escape Aid is the ultimate break-out from reality. It is a back-and-forth rally of heart-in-throat, petrifying excitement and then blissful moments of total release, as if embodying one nail-biting Kool-Aid acid trip at the best party humanly imaginable.

A melting pot of ideas, memories and emotions, Escape Aid is eclectic in nature, with diverse genres and component parts held together in one cohesive arc, like an erudite encyclopaedia of the far out.

“The de facto in-house DJ of the brilliant AOR Disco edit site, Mojo Filter is firmly rooted in the flared trouser, psychedelic end of the dance music spectrum. And just as his best re-edits layer on the bells, whistles, Indian influenced drums and the  sonic equivalent of the full Paisley-patterned kaftan, his debut LP is  bursting with ideas. It’s a fun, freeing, magic carpet ride.” Mixmag

“This album is a very special piece of work indeed. A future classic. Tiny snippets of cinematic vocal punctuate things perfectly, whilst beds of sub-bass rumble and jostle with layer upon layer of mystic chimes and ethereal synth. Beautiful sonic wormholes appear from nowhere, suck you in, spin you round, and spit you out again into seas of ambient calm. It’s just so much fun from start to finish. File this next to classic LPs from The Orb, Mylo, Air, Royksopp – it’s that good.” Leo Zero: DJ, producer and remixer

Track listing:

  1. Coloured Dreams
  2. Boom Boom
  3. Let’s Get Brutal
  4. Oaky Timbre
  5. In the Fullness of Time
  6. L.O.V.E.
  7. Spell on You
  8. White Rabbit
  9. Acid Land
  10. The Inglorious Honey Badger
  11. This is a Serious Party

Album artwork by: James Holland & Luke Insect.