Ransom Note
“Coming from the same kind of electronic school of thought of Todd Terje, Leo Zero, Prins Thomas and Psychemagik, Escape Aid is a shot of joyous fun, something increasingly missing in the poe-faced world of electronic music.”

“Mojo Filter’s CD has such a strong, consistent identity throughout. The tracks are all WAV quality and have been played and praised across the board over the airwaves, clubs and festivals.”

DMC World
“Mojo Filter’s new album of vintage edits to keep the brain tingling through the light times and dark. It’s not often the DMC Buzz and Zzub Charts both feature the same record in the same week, but here you go!”

Ibiza Voice
“Spawned from psytrance’s psychedelic loins, he’s digressed through the techno/house/disco motions and landed snugly in a slo-mo groove. As surreal as it is saleable, his music seamlessly fuses the counter-culture with the commercial, the erratic with the organic.”

Le Cool
“Mojo Filter is a laid back motherfunker. He’s a DJ and producer whose psychedelic and dreamy reworkings of 60s, 70s and 80s classics has made him a hit across America’s Midwest and West Coast.”

The London Word
“DJ and producer Mojo Filter has feverishly infiltrated the UK club and festival circuit with his shining beacon of retro, techno and disco wizardry.”

AOR Disco: Live Transmission
“Ben Zaven Crane is one of the most original and exciting talents we’ve come across in the last two years. Recently he’s been getting the recognition he deserves with his remixes.”

AOR Disco: Solid Air
“To call these tracks ‘edits’ doesn’t do them justice. Mojo Filter is one of the most innovative and creative remixers around.”

AOR Disco: Modern Reloves
“We have an exclusive mix to celebrate Mojo Filter’s new album Modern Re-Loves Volume 3, a compilation of his inventive and idiosyncratic remixes of modern rock and pop artists.”

Impose Magazine
“Mojo Filter’s Ben Zaven Crane creates everything you have ever wanted in a remix.”