L.O.V.E. Remix EP

Mojo Filter brings forth a carefully selected collection of remixes from his album Escape Aid for the release of his original, feelgood anthem L.O.V.E.

It opens with the tickling percussion, heady pads and cuddling bass lines of the single’s radio edit, followed by the acutely revered Mushrooms Project, whose version has gracefully submerged L.O.V.E. into a psychedelic wonderland of liquid bongos, otherworldly chants, and a curious medieval synth line to transport the listener to another world.

Hugely talented electronic producer Tythe conjures a distinctly nomadic journey of warm hides and makeshift camps with his wild rendition of Boom Boom, evoking wonder and intrigue.

Maverick Dutch producer Olaf Stuut eeks out a decidedly more ‘cave rave’ approach to Boom Boom, with crumbling percussive stalactites and eerie reflective melodies advancing the journey underground into the depths of earthy techno. His intricate productions and confounding use of dynamics and harmonics put his work in another dimension, and his rework of Boom Boom is an emotive and veering journey of pulsating, low-slung bass and dizzying pads that draw the listener into his world beyond worlds.

Lo-fi groove agent LeRoy has turned the bad trip that is Acid Land into a veritable feast of positive psychedelic brain food with an acoustic sampling that is charming and hypnotic. The magic of this rework lies in its simplicity as it rolls and rides a sweeping rainbow synth that delivers pure sonic gold.

To close the EP, stalwart and mega-mind DKS offers a quintessential remix of Acid Land, nodding to the original but taking a whole new trip with its driving groove and full-bodied pads.

Track listing:

  1. L.O.V.E – radio edit
  2. L.O.V.E – Mushrooms Project remix
  3. Boom Boom – Tythe remix
  4. Boom Boom – Olaf Stuut remix
  5. Acid Land – LeRoy remix, Mojo Filter edit
  6. Acid Land – DKS remix

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