Mojo Filter is the production moniker, remix alias and earthly incarnation of Ben Zaven Crane.

His AOR Vintage Edits compilation series spearheaded the genre and took the edits phenomenon to the next level. A fact that led esteemed peers The Chemical Brothers, Todd Terje, Psychemagik and Andy Wetherall to champion his sound.

Running record label Owlspeak, curating festival stages, DJing globally, producing music, presenting radio shows and unearthing new and unheard frequencies have set this production animal apart from the crowd.

Fusing a combination of ethereal beats and magic, his signature selection of otherworldly house, spaced-out disco and autobahn edits forge sacred bonds between mind, body, spirit and space, transcending time and propelling the listener into the future realms of consciousness and possibility.

“For me personally, festivals enable a very unique culmination of these energies that harmoniously balance the inner and outer world, creating, for a moment, a bubble of synergy within which DANCE is magic that bonds. Everyone is so much more receptive to the more cerebral facets of dance music in their natural state and, coupled with the kinetic nature of dance, dare I say ‘higher states of consciousness’ may be achieved! It continues to astound me the energy we can create with this in mind.”