The Secret Garden Party

The Secret Garden Party in Cambridgeshire proved itself to be the epitome of a UK boutique festival until it gracefully bowed out in 2017. From its conception in 2004, when it grew from one stage and 1,000 party-goers to 26,000 revellers in its final year, it was a hedonistic, pioneering alternative to the mainstream festival.

As a curator of The Lost Woods stage – a hidden, alternate reality deep in the woods – Mojo Filter was a key designer. His role was that of stage manager, set designer, artist liaison and music programmer all in one. A curator of underground dance music, performers, artists and decoration, all designed to complement the enchanted forest setting.

For seven years Mojo Filter carefully programmed the most highly-tuned, frequency-raising live acts and DJs, including Zero 7, Olaf Stuut, Richie Hawtin, Max Cooper, James Lavelle, Adam Freeland, Maribou State, Super Flu, Monkey Safari, The Orb and Stimming.

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” – John Muir


Photo credit: Alexander Crane