Owlspeak Records

Established in 2014 to release Mojo Filter’s Escape Aid LP, Owlspeak Records is an independent label that strives to deliver a quantum kaleidoscope of heady dancefloor adventures, honed and sculpted with the secret language of the universe.

Designed to be played in the open air, Owlspeak has a penchant for warm, open, mystical and emotional sounds to entice the listener to dance, peppered with a healthy sneeze of humour.

“I’ve formed the meaning of Owlspeak to be the ancient, unspoken wisdom of nature. Something that just rings true in you without having to read up on it. And that’s kind of the ethos for the music, you don’t quite know what’s going on, but you know it’s right.”

Owlspeak is currently looking to nurture cosmic and cutting edge talent for its artist roster. Get in touch if this resonates.